uncovering: Dana Weir & Helga Winter

August 12 – October 2, 2022
Thursday—Monday 12 to 5
Jeanette Best Gallery
701 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington

Featuring work by two Port Townsend artists:

Dana Weir & Helga Winter


This exhibit addresses the uncovering of images and thoughts, words and intuitions that live beneath our immediate awareness.

The use of reclaimed and natural materials and found objects provide both artists an opportunity to look inside of things—to turn things inside out, reveal hidden layers, tear things apart only to rebuild them again. By altering objects commonly encountered in our daily lives, Weir and Winter offer the viewer a transformative experience, a possible change of perception. Both artists reveal the unexpected resonance within objects, texts, and images through their mixed media collages and assemblages.

Artists' Talk: Saturday, August 13, 1pm

Artists on Site: Saturday, September 10, 2-4

Dana Weir Demonstration: Saturday, September 24, 1pm


Artist Statements

Dana Weir

Dana Weir: There is a moment of revelation with each piece I create when I carve into the surface to uncover the layers below. It feels like remembering a profound dream. Forgotten words, hidden colors,and embedded objects form a new truth, one that was obscured but always present.

For more information about Dana’s work, visit www.danaweir.com

Helga Winter

Helga Winter: By doing repetitive work I acquire a certain knowledge of patience, quietude, as well as peacefulness while gathering information from within. The process of my work is self-discovery; the act of doing—a meditation. My work is felt and becomes known to me, only to be discovered anew through the beholder’s imagination.

For more information about Helga's work, visit www.helgawinter.com