Our School’s Learning Platform

Northwind Art School supports our in-person and online courses through a web-based system called Kannu. Students, teachers and staff can login here.

Kannu is an industry-leading web-based platform that is used by many art schools worldwide. We are so excited support our students, teachers, and staff with this convenient tool!

What can students do in Kannu?
For artist students, the platform gives immediate and anytime access to detailed course materials, supply lists, teacher communications, and reminders. Students are also able to post images of work and access any archived courses that were taken in the past.

What can teachers do in Kannu?
Teachers will be able to add information to the course syllabus, view student rosters, send messages to students, view work, build their profile and portfolio and lead forums (if they wish). These tools will help both teachers and students communicate and learn even better.

Will Kannu be used for 
both online and in-person courses?
Yes. We like to think of it as a virtual classroom, where all materials specific to you as an artist-student are stored and available whenever you need them.

For online courses, in additional to course details and communications, students will be able to access necessary Zoom links for logging into sessions. Teachers may also post information and resources within a course and encourage students to share work with others.

For in-person coursesKannu is there for information and resources. Even though sessions are in-person, all course details will reside within the platform. Students will be able to access course information for reference at any time and communicate with others as an extension to the in-person learning experience

How do I access my account?
Kannu is a secure online cloud-based tool that works with any modern browser (on a computer, tablet, or smart phone) and a good internet connection.

The school portal can be accessed directly at https://school.northwindart.org or via the “Course Login” link at the top of the Northwind Art website. There you can login with your profile (email and password).

How do I set up a profile?
As soon as you purchase a class, lecture, or workshop, you will get a “Confirm and Enroll” email from the Kannu system. When you click the button in the email to confirm, you will be taken to the platform.

The first time you access the online portal, you will need to create an account by setting a password to associate with your email address. Once setup, you will be directed to the corresponding page of your registered course (class, workshop or lecture). There you will find course details including supply lists, session dates/times, teacher profile, and more.

Will the online video happen in Kannu or Zoom?
Online courses will continue to use Zoom meetings for the actual video conferencing sessions. The meeting Zoom link and access information will be published via Kannu for easy and consistent access.

Do I need to use Kannu?
The Kannu platform has been integrated into the Northwind Art School program for an improved experience for our students, teachers and staff. Users will receive course alerts and notifications via email, and all course information (such as supply lists, etc.) will reside in this platform. Students are encouraged to use the platform as their go-to place for information, but it is not a requirement.

We know there may be a learning curve for you! If you have any questions or challenges, please let us know. We are happy to answer your questions and will be leading training sessions as needed. Contact our education staff if you have any questions at all.