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Art Walk  

Every first Saturday of the month,
including July 6 and August 3, the art galleries around Port Townsend stay open until 8 PM for refreshments, art-gazing and conversation.
Come out and meet up with the art lovers in our community and view all the wonderful exhibits!
At Jeanette Best Gallery
701 Water Street, Port Townsend
On view for the next Art Walk:
Art by Shirley Scheier of Port Townsend  
July 4 - August 18, 2024
A celebration of 17 regional artists, featuring ceramics, fabric maché, prints, etchings, photography, glass, and paintings in acrylic and oil
Through December 31, 2024


Northwind Executive Director Martha Worthley welcomes guests to the A Warm Embrace artists' talk in March at Jeanette Best Gallery.

The State of the Art: a letter from Martha Worthley  

May 2024

As I step into a new role at Northwind — thinking for the future and securing the present — I have to thank some folks whose dedication to our organization has been extraordinary.

Back in 2020, at the beginning of the merger of Northwind Arts Center and Port Townsend School of the Arts, Thya Merz and Kerry Tremain brought hours of dedication to the nuts and bolts of "how-to," but also much more. And thus was born Northwind Art as we are today.

Thya's dedication to excellence contributed to how the board moves ahead with governance and oversight. Our board today benefits from thoughtful insight into best practices.

I appreciate that our governance and executive committees are both sounding boards and guides to implementing Northwind's mission and vision.

Kerry's work is most visible in the beautiful graphic design of our logo and website. He gave tirelessly to designing all of the website, as well as our posters and printed materials. Kerry has created an underpinning style that has sophistication, beauty and space.

As Northwind’s communications director, Meg Kaczyk worked with Kerry on the website. Then she took over the education programs. Although she has retired to a long-desired full-time painting schedule, she spares time to be a true thought partner. Her experience covers the breadth of the organization, from exhibiting to teaching and organizing the school.

And one more former board member is an incredible resource/volunteer/advisor for me at the gallery: Brian Goodman. Brian says "Call me any time," and means it. He has brought his dedication to the look and feel of presenting artwork to our 2024 shows at Jeanette Best Gallery. We have been dreaming up ways to offer docent training to our volunteers, and reaching out more regionally to our peers in other institutions for partnerships in presenting work. Some thinking is long-range while some of the ideas are to implement right now. It's a gift to sit down and chew it over with Brian.

With gratitude, I acknowledge these dedicated volunteers and our community of patrons and supporters.

— Martha Worthley

Northwind Art Executive Director