Artist Showcase 2023

February 2- December 31, 2023
Open daily 12-5pm
Jeanette Best Gallery
701 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington

Coming September 14: Companions, a themed show

For the autumn exhibition, we invited our 24 Showcase artists to create work on the theme of companions — in any way they chose. The artists responded with more than 70 new pieces, including diptychs, triptychs and work with companion images within the art. Come and see the variety of interpretations in the show!


Northwind Art’s Artist Showcase 2023 is a juried and curated collection of work by local artists in a variety of media — from etchings to oils to sculpture and fiber. Each year, the rotating exhibition features some emerging artists and some returning artists, selected by jurors viewing anonymous submissions.

New artists to the Showcase program include Corinne Humphrey, Marian Morris, Roger Morris, Jadyne Reichner, Jeanne Toal, Diane Walker, and the artist team of Craig Britton & Brittany Whitaker.

The artists returning to the program for 2023 are Vivian Chesterley, Larry Crockett, Stephen Deligan, Jeanne Edwards, Brian Goodman, Joyce Hester, Francesca Campbell Hulick, Donna LaHue, Aliina Lahti, Wanda Mawhinney, Evan Miller, Jacki Moseley, Sandra Offutt, Elizabeth Reutlinger, Egor Shokoladov, Kim Simonelli, and Linda Tilley.

ABOUT THE JUROR: Gloria Lamson

Various forms of art practice have been central to Lamson’s life beginning in high school. She delved into black and white darkroom photography and jewelry fabrication, and later created one-of-a-kind artist books and acrylic abstract paintings. She moved to California's Bay Area in 1995 for graduate school in Arts and Consciousness. She then began creating temporary, site-responsive installations and interactive work with and in nature and in human-built environments, documenting her work with photographs.  

Moving back to the Northwest in 2000, Lamson began creating public interactive installations for galleries and art festivals. Art making has been a way of weaving together the world within her and around her, and a way of supporting care and healing in herself and in the world. She is inspired by existential questions, Nature (within and around us) and materials which speak metaphorically. Since 1977 she has exhibited her work extensively including at the Bellevue, Tacoma and Oakland art museums. She is a Pacific Northwest native and is grateful to call Port Townsend home.