Earth, Water, Sky

Earth, Water, Sky
Paintings by Hart James | Photographs by Paul Shapiro

April 1—June 5, 2022
Thursday–Monday 12–5pm
Jeanette Best Gallery
701 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington

This spring, we welcome two regional artists whose work in different mediums are united by their shared interest in rendering the splendor of nature. The paintings of Hart James capture close-up views and faraway vistas of the Northwest. Her paintings have an immediacy about them that places us up front and center to the various landscapes she portrays. Paul Shapiro’s panoramic photographs convey expanses of local, regional, and Southwest scenes, with the added layer in some images of an antiquing of their surfaces that amplifies their timelessness.

Artist Talk: Hart James & Paul Shapiro
FREE ONLINE EVENT VIA ZOOM: Wednesday, April 6, at 7 pm. View Recording

Artist Statement

Hart James

Some people were born to work with numbers, with computers. I was born to work within the visual realm and to bring my emotion into that work. I feel the world around me. I feel places, nature, events, beautiful homes. Sometimes I get so excited upon meeting an artist or seeing a work of art or seeing a magnificent vista in the natural world, that another personality takes over and I am outgoing, excited, jumping up and down within my own skin. All of this is what I put into my painting. The emotion comes across to the viewer and a connection is made. For more information about Hart’s work, visit 


In these stitched panoramas of the Northwest and Southwest, I use multiple images to frame a 180-degree view, much like the eye can see. I am passionate about exploring the natural world, and I pay particular attention to scale, capturing the shared connection between people and the breadth and depth of our landscapes. I also strive to capture the powerful, expansive, and multi-layered beauty of landscapes and to juxtapose these images with the awe-inspiring—often solo—experience of being alone in the midst of something much larger. I hope these ultra-wide photographs inspire the viewer to embrace and explore an extended pictorial representation of the landscapes we inhabit. For more information about Paul’s work, visit