Northwind Art follows local, state and CDC Guidelines regarding COVID and the use of masks.

Currently Jefferson County businesses are in a “mask optional” phase in accordance with Jefferson County Public Health recommendations.


Northwind Art Galleries and School
We continue to be cautious and observant in how these guidelines affect our visitors and staff and remain committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy. Many of our staff and volunteers will continue to wear masks as a precaution. 

We understand this is a sensitive topic, please be kind and respectful to those who choose to wear a mask – this remains a personal choice.

Taking courses in-person in our classrooms:

  • Vaccinations are required (for ages 18+) for individuals taking in-person courses in our classrooms. You will be asked to present proof of vaccination. For students under 18, vaccination is not required, but masks must be worn during the full class time.
  • A volunteer or Northwind Art School staff member will assist at the first course meeting including cleaning, vaccination validation, sign in and seating.
  • Masks are required for entering and moving about the classroom. However, once seated, students may remove their masks.
  • The Northwind Art School classroom maximum capacity is 10 students plus teacher(s).
  • Each student has their own table, with space between each table.
  • There is a commercial-grade air filtration device in the classroom in operation at all times.