Pointed Pen Calligraphy for the Curious Beginner
Pointed Pen Calligraphy for the Curious Beginner
Pointed Pen Calligraphy for the Curious Beginner
Pointed Pen Calligraphy for the Curious Beginner

Pointed Pen Calligraphy for the Curious Beginner


Regular price $100.00

Course Fee: $75
Materials: $25

TIME: 12:00PM – 3:00PM PDT
Adult (ages 18+)
Building 306, Fort Worden, Port Townsend. (COVID protocol will be observed, read our policies here)

Using the ancient dip pen and black sumi ink, come discover the joy and beauty of calligraphy and the calming meditation of calligraphy with teaching artist Lindsey Wayland. Connect deeply with the letterforms you already use and read daily. The quality of calligraphy will bring each student closer to their center and presence.

The word calligraphy comes from two Greek words: kallos, which means “beauty,” and graphein, which means “to write” thus, “beautiful writing.” However, because calligraphy is less about beautiful handwriting and more about drawing the letterforms beautifully, anyone with enough patience can learn calligraphy. Each student will learn the basic alphabet in classic Copperplate cursive as the foundation to experiment and add their own creative flair.

Students will leave class with a more confident ability to write beautifully, to understand the letters used in nearly every application of life, and very beautiful materials. Students must have a basic understanding of writing and cursive. No other prerequisites necessary. All are welcome. Please let us know in advance if you are left-handed. Once you've taken this class you meet the prerequisite for Pointed Pen Calligraphy for Intermediates.


  • All course materials and supplies are provided as part of the registration fee.

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Lindsey Wayland is a poet, a researcher, a scholar, and an educator. She is a commissioner for the Port Townsend Arts Commission and a fine art calligrapher. For more than fifteen years, Lindsey has taught poetry and creative writing. and calligraphy in a variety of settings, schools, residential treatment, rehabilitation centers, private art schools.

Her research and work circumambulates the intersection of creativity and well-being. Lindsey advocates for projects & initiatives that promote connection through literary art and culture. She attended undergraduate school at Stephen F. Austin State University in east Texas and studied ceramics and poetry. Her postgraduate masters studies included psychology and poetry therapy at Antioch University, and more recently, Lindsey is an MFA candidate studying poetry at Antioch University Los Angeles. 

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Artist website: Lindsey Wayland

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