Landscapes in Chalk Pastel and Watercolor
Landscapes in Chalk Pastel and Watercolor
Landscapes in Chalk Pastel and Watercolor
Landscapes in Chalk Pastel and Watercolor
Landscapes in Chalk Pastel and Watercolor
Landscapes in Chalk Pastel and Watercolor

Landscapes in Chalk Pastel and Watercolor

MARCH 23 & 24

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Course Fee: $275
Materials: Student-provided (see Supply Info below)

TIME: 10:00AM - 3:00PM PDT
LEVEL: Intermediate in watercolor, new to pastel is fine
AGE GROUP: Adult (ages 18+), Youth (ages 15-17)
LOCATION: Building 306, Fort Worden, Port Townsend. (COVID protocol will be observed, read our policies here)

This mixed media of chalk pastel into wet watercolor on wet paper is fun, fast, and creative! It is done in layers and the pastel becomes part of the watercolor wash, adding its intensity, opacity ,and linework to the yummy fluidity and transparency of watercolor. Work with teaching artist Catherine Gill to learn the basics of pastel linework, pressure, and direction. You will combine the two mediums with an emphasis on color. This workshop is intended for intermediate watercolorists new to using pastel.


  • Brushes: 1″ flat & #10 or #12 round.

  • Paper: Two sheets Lanaquarelle Hot press #140; Arches 140# (Hot Press OK too).

  • Palette: Covered watercolor palette with large mixing area (i.e. John Pike or Robert Woods palette).

  • Watercolor Pigments: 9 basic pigments recommended to get good value and color range. Others are optional but good to have.

    • Rose Madder Genuine (W/Newton)

    • Cadmium Red

    • Permanent Rose

    • Aureolin Yellow

    • Cadmium Yellow

    • Quinachrodone Gold

    • Cobalt Blue

    • Ultramarine Blue

    • Pthalo (Winsor) Blue (Cathe uses Red Shade)

    • Optional: Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Dioxazine, Violet, Permanent (Winsor) Orange, Quinachrodone Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna (Winsor Newton), Pthalo (Winsor) Green (Cathe uses Blue Shade), Viridian, Cobalt Turquoise.

  • Pastel Supply List (chalk not oil):

    • NuPastels (hard pastels) – set of at least 24 (Cathe uses a set of 96). A basic set should contain warm and cool of each color plus three values of gray and white. If you have 2-3 different values of each color, it is easier than adjusting the value with white or black.

    • Rembrandt (softer pastels) – set of at least 12 different colors (I use an older set of at least 36). Bring any additional pastels you may have.

  • Miscellaneous Supplies: Pastel pencils (optional, but also great to use), board to support watercolor paper, clips to hold paper to board, pencil and kneaded eraser, two water containers, sketchbook, paper towels or sponge (these miscellaneous supplies are available at the art school for you to use if you don't prefer to bring your own).

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    Catherine Gill paints and teaches on location, in watercolor, oil, and pastel, and is also a printmaker. Her art, workshops, videos, and DVDs can be viewed on her website. Cathe is co-founder of Art Partners International, dedicated to bringing together artists and art of different cultures. She is a member of Northwest Watercolor Society, Women Painters of Washington, Plein Aire Painters of Washington, Seattle CoArts, Seattle Print Arts and Print Arts NW. Her book, "Powerful Watercolor Landscapes," is available as an e-book through Penguin/Random House.

    Artist website: Catherine Gill, @cathe_gill

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