Wet: Reflections on Water

float by Sarah Wright

Wet: Reflections on Water
Featuring work by 30 artists

March 17 – April 30, 2023
Thursday—Monday 12 to 5
Jeanette Best Gallery
701 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington

An exhibit featuring photographs that explore the power of water, the basis of life. It can demolish mountains and nurture home gardens. It’s for sailing, drinking, bathing. These thoughts and examinations are all reflected in this exhibit in ways that are moving – and sometimes playful.

This exhibit features work by Melissa Bixby, Walter Cochran-Bond, Stephen Deligan, Amanda Devine, Kathy Fridstein, Bob Haft, Denise Hawkins, Jeremy Johnson, Brian Kay, Johanna King, Tom Kirkendall, John, Korvell, Horacio Law, Ewen Le Rest, Nathan Lucas, Lisa Luckenbach, Jayne Marek, Elisabeth Mention, Barbara Michelman, Christian Murillo, Bonnie, Obremski, Judith Rayl, Morgan Seeley, Russ Stamp, Alisa Steck, Sandra Stowell, Sharon Swanson, Anne Weaver, Patricia Webber and Sarah Wright.

The pieces shown below are a limited selection of the full exhibit. Visit Jeanette Best Gallery for more!

Juror's Talk: Saturday, April 15 details coming soon