The Grover Group

Fresh & Cool: new work for a new winter

Grover Gallery
Fresh & Cool: new work for a new winter

December 3, 2022--January 28, 2023
Thursday—Monday 12 to 5
Grover Gallery
236 Taylor Street, Port Townsend, Washington

Tracy Bigelow Grisman, Larry Crockett, Max Grover, and Julie Read
Northwind Art introduces Fresh and Cool: new work for a new winter at the Grover Gallery, an exhibit curated by and focused on showcasing local artists, highlighting the influence of teaching artists and their impact on our creative community.
Grover Gallery space is currently being reimagined. Northwind Art's goal is to give local artists a place to shine, and to bring color, humor, quality work and a fun experience to all who visit this unique space.
Northwind Art will also host receptions, unique art classes, artist demonstrations, talks and will continue to be a hub for visitors and locals to find information about all the amazing artists and art happening in our community.


IMAGE: Max Grover, Four Flowers