ONLINE: Mixed Media Weaving
ONLINE: Mixed Media Weaving
ONLINE: Mixed Media Weaving
ONLINE: Mixed Media Weaving
ONLINE: Mixed Media Weaving

ONLINE: Mixed Media Weaving

October 14 & 15


Regular price $220.00

Course Fee: $220
Materials: Materials provided by students. See Supply Information below.

TIME: 9:00AM – 4:00PM PDT
AGE GROUP: Adult, Youth (ages 15-17)
LOCATION: Online via Zoom

Artist Vicki Assegued teaches you how to create unique weavings on a simple frame loom that you’ll build yourself. During this workshop, you’ll learn how to string your loom, use yarn and fabric to build the main structure, and add optional lace, string, ribbon, shells, sticks, and jewelry embellishments. Vicki will share a variety of stitches and techniques, including how to make tassels, pompoms, and fringes. You’ll finish the workshop by learning how to remove the completed weaving from the loom, secure it, and hang it. No prior weaving experience is necessary to learn the skills for this fun, relaxing, versatile, and rewarding art form. 


For loom frame (wood or cardboard versions):

  • At least 60 1.25 inch finish/trim nails (must have a small head)
  • Used or new wooden frame, approximately 18" x 18".
  • For a cardboard frame: 2 Pieces of cardboard, approximately 18" x 18".

For weaving:

  • Yarns, strings and embellishments in various colors and textures
  • Strong string or yarn for creating the warp
  • Fabric to cut into strips
  • Embroidery needle (plastic or metal, 3 inches long)

Full supply details will be provided upon registration.

After registration, course details are available via the Northwind Art School learning portal, including Zoom links for online courses. A stable internet connection provides the best experience. Learn more

Vicki Assegued is a fiber artist based in Santa Cruz, California. She has been a teacher for many years, encouraging individual creativity and expression in her students to create with the techniques she shares. Vicki’s workshops move along at a pace that is both stimulating and relaxing, with a balance of demos and uninterrupted creative time for her students.

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Artist website:

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