Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self
Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self
Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self
Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self
Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self
Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self
Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self

Intentional Mark Making: A Dialogue With the Self


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Course Fee: $60
Materials: Materials are student-provided, see Supply Info below

TIME: 2:00PM – 4:00PM PDT
Beginner to Advanced
AGE GROUP: Adult (ages 18+), Youth (ages 15-17)
LOCATION: Building 306, Fort Worden, Port Townsend. (COVID protocol will be observed, read our policies here)

Join teaching artist Neha Panicker in discovering how to translate what you observe, absorb, and are inspired by into your own unique mark-making in your artistic expression! In this workshop you will practice using prompts as an effective tool in facilitating having a dialogue with the self, while working through abstract mark making decisions in the art making process.

We’re constantly consuming, absorbing and perceiving media — visual or otherwise. All these insights and instincts that we subconsciously carry are wonderful to tap into for our creative expressions. However, oftentimes while working through a painting, we struggle to bring in those thoughts, ideas, inspirations into our work. There are ways in which we can practice how to distill or pull from those resources and bring that experimentation into our art.

We will practice how to listen and honor the inner artistic voice and instincts, learn how to have an ongoing dialogue with the self while working through a painting, and also how to balance that with being open to how an artwork is visually shaping up and where it is leading us.

Students should bring the following:

  • Surface: Two or three canvases/painting panels or mixed media surfaces to paint on. Sizes can vary from 11" x 14" to 18" x 24".
  • Paints: Fluid acrylic paints and any other paints already on hand like acrylic inks, colored inks, watercolors, gouache (no oils, fast drying paints preferred).
  • Art materials: Oil/ wax/ dry pastels. Charcoal sticks/ pencils. Color pencils. Any drawing and coloring art materials already on hand.
  • Tools: bring any objects/items that you imagine will make good tools for mark making. Tools can be hard, flexible, soft or rough (e.g. silicone wedge, palette knives, different textured fabric rags, unusual brushes, squeegees, scrub pad, sponges, cardboard/plastic cards).

After registration, course details are available via the Northwind Art School learning portal. Learn more

Neha Panicker is an architect turned artist, currently based in Seattle, originally from India. Her artistic language and art practice are greatly inspired by her multi-dimensional, multi-cultural contexts. Mindfulness and bringing the authentic self to the act of making is at the core of her work. Her artistic explorations are an active exercise in being present in the act of making. She experiments with analog visual art mediums, different tools, varying scales, mixed media, and body movement in mark making. Using abstract art and collaborative creative play as an instrument in expanding self awareness and interconnection, is the essence of what she is bringing together in this workshop.

Artist website: Neha Panicker,

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