Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art
Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art
Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art
Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art
Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art
Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art
Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art

Confluence: Guiding Poetry into Visual Art


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Course Fee: $325
Non-refundable Materials Fee: $12

TIME: 10:00AM – 4:00PM PDT
LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
AGE GROUP: Adult (ages 18+)
LOCATION: Building 324C, Fort Worden, Port Townsend

Combining poetry and visual art, the heart of this workshop is playful yet structured exploration of two forms of self-expression. Through the lens of nature, short prompts will provide shape and inspiration for your writing. Working on paper panels, teaching artists Kate Reavey and Rebecca Wild will guide you in combining handwritten text with a variety of methods for adding color, marks, and imagery. 

Acrylic paint and other media will allow for multiple transparent layers. The two processes will feed one another. Participants will leave with rich and expressive pieces of art that reflect the inner workings of the poetic process, from rough draft to completion.

No previous experience necessary. 

Many supplies and materials are provided with the materials fee.

Students should bring:

  • A notebook or journal with pen or pencil. 
  • Several images or objects from nature that will be used as inspiration for art making. A stone, leaf or another object from the natural world that is small enough to carry and connects you with memories of being in a place that is important to you. These will also be used as inspiration for art making. 
  • Scrap paper (10 sheets, can be used copy paper not printed on one side). 
  • 4H, 2B or 4B, 6B pencils (or similar variety of graphite pencils; not water-soluble kind). 
  • Three or more colors of Pan Pastels. Get the deep saturated colors. Do not buy any that say tint. These are soft pastels that come in a small plastic container. 
  • Pencil sharpener. 
  • Tuff Stuff eraser or Tombo Mono Zero Eraser or General Factis Mechanical Eraser. 
  • Staedtler Mars White Plastic eraser.
  • Kneaded eraser. 
  • Water jar. 
  • Dick Blick Scholastic Wonder White Brush-Flat #20 or #24 Serial #05380-1020 or #05380-1024 (or a similar brush. It doesn’t need to have a long handle but needs to be soft, smooth, flat brush, 1 inch or wider). 
  • Towel or rag for wiping brushes. 
  • Sharp x–acto knife #11 or #16 with extra blades (or similar).
  • Self-healing plastic cutting board for art any size.
  • Paper sack to use as a garbage can. 

OPTIONAL: These may add to your classroom experience. Bring if you already own. 

  • A photograph of a place that is important to you and/or brings you a sense of connection.
  • Applicator tools for Pan Pastels. 
  • Scissors. 
  • Prismacolor colored pencils or similar. 
  • Fine tip acrylic pens (Posca Brand .7 mm are great). 
  • Pointed brushes (also known as round brushes). Bring a variety of small to large sizes. They will be used with acrylics. 
  • Lettering/calligraphy/mark making tools. 
  • A hair dryer. 
  • Wipies. 
  • Drafting brush.
  • Apron. 
  • Metal ruler with cork backing. 

After registration, course details are available via the Northwind Art School learning portal, including course syllabus and supply information. Learn more

Kate Reavey holds an MA in poetry and a PhD in humanities and culture. She teaches writing and literature at Peninsula College and coordinates the Foothills Writers Series and Studium Generale. Her poems have appeared in Mothering, The Western Journal of Medicine, Pharos, and other journals. Her books include two limited-edition, letter-pressed chapbooks, Through the East Window (Sagittarius Press, Port Townsend) and Trading Posts (Tangram, Berkeley); Too Small to Hold You (Pleasure Boat Studio, NYC); and Curve, which was just released in October from Empty Bowl Press.  She and her husband live in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

Artist website: @katereavey

Rebecca Wild is an artist and calligrapher from Port Townsend, Washington. Her work pairs a love of letter forms with the luminous qualities of drawing materials and paint. She was a calligraphy and art instructor in Portland, Oregon for 25 years and now teaches workshops for art centers and guilds throughout the West Coast. Rebecca is an enthusiastic and organized instructor whose emphasis on process and technique is infused with creativity and encouragement. She strives to help beginners feel successful and to give established artists fresh ideas. Her goal is to make the making of art accessible to everyone.

Artist website: Rebecca Wild

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