Basics of Animation: Stop Motion on Your Smartphone or Tablet
Basics of Animation: Stop Motion on Your Smartphone or Tablet
Basics of Animation: Stop Motion on Your Smartphone or Tablet
Basics of Animation: Stop Motion on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Basics of Animation: Stop Motion on Your Smartphone or Tablet


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Course Fee: $75
Materials: Student provided (see Supply Information below)

TIME: 10:00AM - 1:30PM PDT
LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate
AGE GROUP: Adult (ages 18+)
LOCATION: Building 324C, Fort Worden, Port Townsend. 

Stop motion animation involves setting up your camera to capture, frame by frame, the movements of flexible puppets or other small objects that you manipulate between frame exposures. Whole feature films have been created in stop motion, using figures with complex moveable skeletons. Amazing special effects were created in this way until the advent of computer animation.

But you can also have great fun using a tabletop for your movie set, moving toy cars and other miniature objects around before the camera lens; that is what we will do in this workshop. Bring your own small toys (or borrow some from your children)!

Students will need:

  • A smartphone or tablet.
  • An app on your smartphone or tablet called Stop Motion Studio. It is free to download. Please have it downloaded prior to coming to class!
    Download Stop Motion Studio in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
  • A stabilizer for your smartphone or tablet. Tablets can be stabilized by their own weight (if you are careful!) but a smartphone camera requires something more: a device such as a tabletop tripod with a universal camera mount and clamp for the phone. You can find a tabletop tripod for a smartphone online for as little as $15, many with a remote control so you can make an exposure without touching the camera. 

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Over a long career, Jim Bradrick has had broad experience in 2D animation, illustration, comic books, advertising art, and video games. In addition to a great variety of freelance commissions, he has worked for Dark Horse Comics, Humongous Entertainment, Microsoft Research, Hidden City Games, Starwave Corporation, and Iwin Studios Division 90. With a particular passion for hand-drawn animation, he maintained an animation blog called Acme Punched!, creating nearly 200 instructional and informational posts over seven years. The blog was listed among the Top 100 Animation Blogs.

Artist website: @anjimator

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