Unlock Your Creativity
Unlock Your Creativity
Unlock Your Creativity
Unlock Your Creativity

Unlock Your Creativity

August 30

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TIME: 5:30PM – 8:30PM PT
Beginner to Advanced
AGE GROUP: Adult, Youth (ages 15-17)
LOCATION: In Person at Building 306, Fort Worden, Port Townsend.

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“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense,” said Pablo Picasso. When was the last time you took your artistic side out to play? Join Dana Sullivan for this Summer Night Art Camp that gets your creative juices flowing. No self-judging, inner critics-be-damned, and neatness never counts. What exciting surprises might come from your “accidents?” In this safe, artistic space, we will: draw with sticks, make up stories together, sketch against the clock, draw each other – without looking! – get messy and have fun.


  • Soft pencils – nothing with an H in it!

  • Sharpies, 1 fat and 1 fine tip

  • Ream of copy paper

  • Cheap sketch pad, 5.5” x 8.5” or so

  • Watercolor set (cheap kid-type is fine)

  • Small bottle of waterproof black ink

Full supply details will be provided upon registration.

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Dana Sullivan was a creative director at Costco until he gave in to the siren call of children’s book fame and fortune. An author/illustrator of over 20 picture books and graphic novels, he’s been teaching creative storytelling for 10+ years. His favorite color is dog, favorite vegetable is peanut butter, and favorite compliment is “immature.”

See more: courses by Dana
Artist website: danajsullivan.com

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